A handy glossary of the most popular AI terminologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often misunderstood as robots interacting with humans or as a superintelligence that will take over the world. In reality, AI is a diverse field with many different techniques, such as robotic process automation, natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning. These techniques improve significantly when combined, and using AI and machine learning software in your tech stack can lead to exciting new insights from data analysis and visualization.

As AI becomes more ingrained in society, it’s essential to understand the terminology and concepts surrounding it. With discussions about its impact on the job market and regulation, it’s crucial to engage in the debate about AI’s potential benefits and risks. We have created a glossary of A-Z of Artificial Intelligence to help people understand the complex language used in AI research, making it accessible for everyone to grasp the power, promise, and challenges of this transformative technology.