With AITRIOS, Sony’s semiconductor division has developed a real-time retail data platform based on edge-based AI sensing. In recent years, Sony has developed more than just video game consoles. Many enterprises have used their semiconductor division to replace and reconfigure conventional IT stacks.

The latest product from Fukushima, Japan-based chipmaker AITRIOS, is an edge-based AI sensing platform that was showcased at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York, Jan. 15-17.

Operating between a CPU and GPU

Sony AITRIOS analyses shoppers' activities through video footage and comes up with marketing insights.
It analyses shoppers’ activities through video footage and comes up with marketing insights.

In a smart camera, AITRIOS combines an image sensor with a CPU and GPU that runs in Microsoft Azure. By directly converting images into usable data, it takes over the functions currently assigned to a list of point products.

A retail use case for AITRIOS includes providing real-time data on display-shelf availability, planogram compliance, staffing, merchandising, and optimizing store operations. All of these data can be collected with AITRIOS’s tools, SDKs, privacy controls and development environment.

This technology is already applicable in many ways, including compliance with health regulations and HR policies. For example, the system can analyze a video of an employee washing their hands in a sink and determine if they have followed the mandated 20-second handwashing guidelines. Then it will save this data for future use.

AI Predictions and Modeling

Shopping Data Insights with Vision AI

The application of AI technologies to the physical world is being explored in a multitude of industries, according to remarks from Sony Semiconductor’s Vice President of Technology and Business Innovation, Mark Hanson. Currently, most of these tasks are performed using outdated visual-inspection and rules-based systems not powered by AI. The democratization of visual AI technology makes those without a PhD in data science to implement the solutions. 

AITRIOS provides this service through its ability to connect devices and manage model deployment status, as well as create models from images gathered by the said devices. This allows simpler use cases with less manual labor or product inspection downtime involved.

Streamlining the Setup Process: AITROS Technology Made Easy

AITROS lies beneath the cloud and application layers, condensing vast amounts of data into one solution. To replicate a model that could give this impact, companies in the past have had to source cameras from individual manufacturers, upgrade their network infrastructure to accommodate video streaming, and craft algorithms for the smart camera or edge servers. But with AITRIOS’ intimate knowledge of the camera, image sensor, and logic chip, coupled with its ability to manage, deploy and monitor status remotely–companies can now set it all up with minimal effort using a fully autonomous system.