Due to the rapid evolution of data, almost all companies seek a deeper understanding of their customers and competitors. Recently a survey by Indeed has shown a 29% increase in demand for data scientists every year and an incredible 344% increase since 2013.

With companies constantly recruiting problem-solving data scientists, there is a need for professionals who can find ways to reduce operating costs, extract valuable insights from data, improve customer experience on apps or websites, and more.

Nevertheless, before joining a data science firm, one should determine whether its culture fosters growth and offers resources for navigating dynamic challenges.

Akaike Technologies is Recognized as the Best Firm for Data Scientists with a 90% Approval Rate!

best firm for data scientists

Through its workplace recognition program, Analytics India Magazine (AIM) recognized Akaike Technologies as the ‘Best Firm For Data Scientists’ in 2023.  

The AIM Council certification assesses a company’s data scientists and analytics employees to determine which organizations have the most effective company cultures. AIM analyses survey data to gauge employees’ approval ratings and uncover actionable insights. 

At Akaike Technologies, we believe that the best is yet to come. But what can be more truly gratifying than receiving ‘The Best Firm for Data Scientists’ award from the legendary badminton player, Prakash Padukone himself!? Like Prakash sir, we believe that champions don’t wait for things to happen but they find ways to win. They don’t wait for success but go after success. Our teams work relentlessly on high-value projects to emerge as the data champions of the AI era!

We asked three of our new hires what motivated them to join Akaike Technologies. Here’s what they had to say. 

Akshay T, Backend Developer at Akaike Technologies

“I had the opportunity to join Akaike Technologies through their employee referral program. As someone interested in both startups and AI-focused companies, this was a perfect fit for me. 

What stood out most during the interviewing process was how clear they were about which specific project I would be working on from the beginning. This has given me the chance to work on fast-paced projects with a focus on measuring user impact for deployment.

 In just four months, I’ve gained exposure to newer technologies along with room to shift towards what suits me best.

 Thanks to this experience, I’ve learned an incredible amount about AI/ML technology – more than I ever thought possible before!”

Tanikonda Ramakrishna, Front-End Developer at Akaike Technologies

 “In January, I applied to Akaike Technologies as the team of data scientists was in search of their first developer. To be one of the firsts sounded enterprising to me. With 3 years of experience under my belt, I relish the challenge of creating designer prototypes while also developing websites at Akaike Technologies.” 

Rajat Dave, Associate Data Scientist at Akaike Technologies

“I was drawn to Akaike Technologies due to the fascinating case studies on their website. 

Being part of a company at the forefront of AI innovation was a key factor in my decision to join Akaike Technologies. 

The opportunities to learn here are endless. However, what makes it enjoyable to learn while working is the ever-available support of my seniors and the absolute lack of politics at work.”


Data scientists and developers typically face numerous challenges in their work, ranging from data extraction to deploying well-tuned models on a large scale. At Akaike Technologies, we understand the importance of supporting our team in facing these challenges head-on. We offer timely knowledge transfer-sharing sessions, senior management mentorship, and access to the necessary resources in a flexible working environment. If you’re looking to showcase your skills and help enterprises adopt AI faster, don’t forget to check out our job openings today!