Every day, the field of AI sees new advancements, making it challenging to keep up with its rapid evolution. It’s truly remarkable to think that ChatGPT made its debut less than a year ago, and yet it has already had a profound impact on all industries and sectors across the globe. 

AI leaders and influencers consistently stay at the forefront of this dynamic landscape. They not only comprehend the future trajectory of this technology but also actively implement it to guide employees worldwide. 

They aren’t just technical experts — some can easily break down highly complex machine-learning concepts into practical and everyday strategies for you to implement. Others are dedicated to leveraging AI for solving real-world challenges and exploring innovative ideas.

Therefore, we recommend following these AI thought leaders to make your mark faster in this exciting field. 

1. Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta is a highly experienced professional in AI ethics. As the founder and principal researcher at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, he is dedicated to implementing ethical, safe, and inclusive AI systems. His expertise lies in operationalising AI ethics within organisations and addressing the environmental impact of these systems.

Gupta has authored the widely acclaimed “State of the AI Ethics Report,” which has garnered significant attention in the industry. In addition to his role at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, he serves as the Director for Responsible AI at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and is a Fellow at the BCG Henderson Institute, where he focuses on Augmented Collective Intelligence (ACI).

With a strong background in building machine learning systems for practical use, Gupta combines technical knowledge with his experience developing and implementing Responsible AI programs. By working closely with organizations and stakeholders, he helps design and deploy Responsible AI programs that align with organizational objectives, values, and goals while promoting innovation.

2. Agnis Stibe

Agnis Stibe serves as the AI Program Director and Professor of Transformation at EM Normandie Business School – providing expert guidance to students and professionals alike. With a corporate consultant and scientific advisor background, Agnis Stibe is recognized globally for his invaluable contributions. As a TEDx speaker, MIT alumnus, and YouTube creator, he has showcased his expertise on multiple platforms.

 Currently involved in groundbreaking research projects such as the SoCity project with MIT Media Lab, Agnis Stibe is pushing boundaries and shaping the future. His STIBE method offers practical tools for achieving hyper-performance by harnessing the power of human artificial intelligence. With a focus on merging technological advancements with human nature, Agnis Stibe believes that purpose-driven innovations can drive socioeconomic progress. By embracing this vision, businesses can accelerate growth while enhancing societal well-being. The STIBE method enables individuals to develop confidence and resilience to excel daily, resulting in stress-free hyper-performance at work and certainty in life.

3. Alex Guilbault

As the Director of Advanced Analytics and AI, Alex Guilbault is leading TELUS in data-driven transformations to solidify their position as a leader in the age of insights. With expertise in advanced analytics and cutting-edge AI technologies, Alex ensures that advancements align with the company’s strategic goals and provide tangible benefits.

Alex leverages data science to deliver concrete, positive, and measurable impact by emphasising the value of an insight-driven approach and building solid relationships. This success can be scaled exponentially while maintaining high levels of team engagement.

With over ten years of experience in Python, Neural Networks, Gradient Boosting, and classic Machine Learning techniques, Alex possesses extensive knowledge and skills.

4. Alex Wang

Alex Wang is a highly experienced data science consultant and casual academic at UTS. She is also actively involved in AI4Diversity, a non-profit initiative to educate and engage diverse communities about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Unlike human intelligence, AI is specifically designed to address specific problems. It encompasses cognitive tasks like facial recognition prediction and more complex endeavours like music composition. Additionally, AI allows machines to make independent decisions, exemplified by the capabilities of self-driving cars.

AI 4 Diversity (AI4D) is a global non-profit organization committed to promoting diversity in AI for the betterment of society. Their ethos revolves around the belief that individuals from diverse backgrounds should have equal opportunities within AI. With this in mind, their mission centres on increasing representation and participation from underrepresented groups in AI.

They are driven by community engagement and strive to empower individuals through education, research, events, and blogging initiatives. Through these collective efforts, we aim to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing that benefits all.

5. Anthony Mills

Anthony Mills is a globally renowned thought leader in emerging markets, proactive growth strategies, corporate innovation, workplace experience, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. His work has left a profound and lasting impact on businesses worldwide.

 He collaborates with organisations of all types and sizes in the private and public sectors to help them become forward-thinking, innovative, and purposeful workplaces. He empowers executives to use innovation to enhance their leadership. He uses AI for business, brand, product, service, and experience design.