Last month, Akaike opened a new office in Chennai, IIT Madras Research Park. After an impressive year and some major growth spurt, we got an opportunity to start our new branch office in IIT Madras Research Park. When an organization is at its growth stage, getting a workspace at IITMRP is a considerable accomplishment. This master stroke has marked a major step forward for the company’s future.

 The Relevance in Acquiring an Office Space in IITMRP

The IITMRP epitomizes what a confluence of unlike minds can achieve today by fostering innovative ecosystems across geographical boundaries. Innovation in technology-based solutions is a hallmark of the IITMRP, where leading researchers collaborate to develop solutions that are unique.

As the bee-hive for academic excellence, research, and innovation in India, IIT Madras has 16 departments, over 600 internationally acclaimed faculty members, 3500 research scholars, Hitech laboratories, testing facilities, and innovation centers. IITMRP has incubated more than 200 startups with its nodal IITM incubator, demonstrating its innovative solutions that have proven commercially successful, and scalable.

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In the past 10 years, the institution has built one of the most vital ecosystems of startups and companies driving financial inclusion in India Bringing the best minds, innovators, and startups together under one roof is the main objective. IITMR’s incubation cell provides services like branding, mentoring, networking, and business support. It paves way for,

  • Promoting collaborative research and innovation across the ecosystem
  • Keeping projects on budget, on time, and within the scope
  • We deliver consistent and quality services to our clients at optimal cost points

Diverse Culture

In diversity, “there is beauty and strength.” IITMRP with respect to everyone comes with a diverse culture. It respects and values people coming from different cultures and backgrounds, making the work environment more dynamic and unique in its own way. The employees working at IITMRP accentuate diversity as the workforce is comprised and supportive of individuals of varying gender, ethnicity, age, religion, and other attributes.

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We Pulled It Off!

As soon as we decided to open up a new office in IITMRP, the roadmap, and the route to get there weren’t easy. It is not possible for every company to join IITMRP.

To start with:

  • A screening process is conducted. The board members must complete the first round of the screening process based on information provided by the company.
  • Those selected in the first round get invited to the second round for a face-to-face meeting.
  • The final decision is made based on the above two rounds.

Fortunately, everything fell into place at the right time for us to pull it off and succeed. One of India’s most prestigious institutes has given us the opportunity to open a new office. At IIT Madras, we had the chance to create something big and share an equal growth opportunity with some of the biggest names in IITMRP.

The Big Giants

  1. Tata Communications: As a part of the Tata Group, tata communications provides telecommunications services. It provides network services and software-defined networking platforms, including Ethernet, SD-WAN, and content delivery networks (CDNs).
  2. Tata Consultancy Services: “Innovation Labs” is Tata Consultancy service’s research and development department. With the goal of adding new features that were not originally envisaged, this group plans to showcase its innovations at IIT Madras Research Park.
  3. Tata Steel: Tata Steel Limited is an Indian multinational steel-making company ranked 486th in the 2014 Fortune Global 500 ranking. In addition to India, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, it operates in 26 countries.
  4. Titan Company Limited: In partnership with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Tata Group has formed Titan. The company manufactures watches and jewelry under its subsidiary Tanishq, eyewear under Titan Eyeplus, fragrances under Skinn, and helmets under Fastrack.
  5. Forbes Marshall: As one of India’s largest Steam Engineering and Process Energy companies, Forbes Marshall is a leader in Process Automation and Control. It has a large research team that focuses on developing products, packages, and services that solve process plant problems based on customer needs.
  6. Renault Nissan: Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited, the Indian subsidiary of Renault Nissan, operates on the style of maximum productivity with minimum resources. Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited was established in 2004.

In Conclusion

William Arthur Ward said, “opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” Having marveled at the possibility, we jumped on it with a defined roadmap and a vision to positively impact the quality of life and make businesses smarter. The opening of a new branch allowed us to expand our business capabilities as well as empower the employee vision. The new birth in IITMRP outlined a common goal of working toward a high aspiration now and in the future.